Volunteers are the heart and soul of Habitat ReStore.

Each volunteer possesses different skills and experience that are assets to the Habitat ReStore and its mission.

Key Volunteer Openings:

Photographer/Social Media Expert

Volunteers are needed throughout the year to photograph and market Habitat ReStore Product and People and/or events. The ideal candidate will have a great "eye" for photography and comfortable with posting to Social Media outlets. This position is perfect for those who want to help our mission and aren't afraid to engage people. Applicants must be willing to adhere to a shot list and able to turn photos in promptly. Must have Internet and email access. If interested please click.

ReStore Cashier

A long-term volunteer is needed to assist the ReStore. We're looking for an individual who can commit four to six hours per day one to three days per week. Essential duties include: processing customers with purchases at the cash register and assisting ReStore staff with front desk tasks. Hours are flexible. If interested please click here.

ReStore General Volunteer

Essential duties include: loading and unloading of purchases and donations, preparing donations for resale and cleaning and organizing merchandise on the sales floor. If interested, please click here.

ReStore Household Items Donation Processing Associate

ReStore Household Items Donation Processing Associate - Essential duties include: preparing items for resale by cleaning, polishing and tightening screws, pricing items and moving merchandise on the sales floor. If interested, please click here.

For more information on our volunteer opportunities contact Jere, our volunteer coordinator at (352) 567-1444 or volunteer@habitatpasco.org

You may apply in person at 37220 Meridian Ave. 33525 in Dade City or email volunteer@habitatpasco.org for volunteer positions.